hands in prayerAlmost everyone who visits your church will look at your website first. What they see there will help them decide if they want to visit in person.

Whatever your budget, we can help you create and maintain an effective website!

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Simple Setup
$20/month, plus a $300 one-time fee
We set up the site with one of our "off the rack" themes, and you do the rest. We manage updates to software and backups. This includes a non-financial SSL.
Custom Theme
$20/month, plus a $2500 one-time fee
On top of Simple Setup, we work with you to design a custom WordPress theme, using your logos or color scheme. You do the text and images on the site.
Total Setup
$20/month, plus a $3500 one-time fee
In addition to a custom theme, we work with you to develop pages and content, both text and images. After launch, you manage content.
Setup & Content Management
$300/month, plus a $3200 one-time fee
We create your site, then you email us changes or information weekly. We update your site, create an email newsletter and post to social media. We do it all for you.